A creative way to communicate with friends


Weclipse was a consumer application that targeted young and creative individuals. It was a unique application with it’s unlock and collaboration feature. In order to visualize a video you would need to reply with another video, creating a collaborative story between users.

In order to engage and retain most users we would need an interface they were familiarized with, an interface they could interact without any learning curve. In a crowded market with competition like instagram, snapchat and others this was a task of epic proportions.

Early Iterations & Prototypes

The original released version was more community dependent. It featured a more dependent feed that had an embeded tutorial.


Throughout many iterations, prototypes, the camera was always a main focus in the product. The main goal was to strip the user of any other elements that could draw attention and focus completely on the task at hand.

The brand reinforcement was also a big point when designing this screen.

Lessons learned

Even tough Weclipse no longer exists today, it was a pioner in those days with many revolutionary features.

It was also a lesson how to build a product in an agile envioronment, and how a design is never finished.

Weclipse. Do you?

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