Merchant Mobile 2.0

The most advanced fare validation mobile application.


The merchant mobile is the support mobile application of Bytemark to the consumer application. It is the tool that worldwide fare validators can use to validate a multitude of tickets independent of the Bytemark system.

It provides features such as Fare Evasion, Customer Look-Up, Tallys, and so on. Each feature is modular and independent of each other and can be toggled based on the needs of an organization.

Design decisions were done on data derived from the version 1.0 and client feedback. As this is not a consumer application and it’s features are dependent on client feedback this was the most important factor to have in consideration. The UI had in consideration a series of patterns and personas throughout it’s whole development.

The Challenge

Update the current UI of the Merchant Mobile application, create a universal application for fare validators, design new features such as Fare Evasion, and customer look-up.

Understanding the users

The merchant mobile application users were a very specific group of users. They were trained fare inspectors. They would go trough a process of training in order to use the MM 2.0 application to it’s full capabilities.

Because of that, besides focusing on giving the most simple and enjoyable experience we had to take in consideration all the requests that the transit organizations had regarding fare validation and customer support.

Before and After

Seamless Experience

Merchant Mobile 2.0 is the most advanced
fare validation application of the industry

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