Personal Financial Tool


Dym is a personal financial tool that was done as a side project with another friend.
Dym came from the personal necessity of it's creators and the lack of solutions in the market in Portugal.

The goal of this project was to create a tool in a record amount of time and that would provide first of all, a better user experience, secondly, that would aggregate all the financial accounts in one single place and that thirdly, would provide a way to visualize custom reports.


The solutions in the market did not had the features we needed, neither their user experience was what we were looking for.

The main features and goal was to bring control of your finances to your hands. The whole experience was designed in order to make users feel like they were browsing their own online banking. Together with a cleaner, simpler UI we were able to create a seamless experience, where the users could manage all their accounts in one place.


The timeline to create designs for a closed beta was 24h. So the whole project was iterated, wireframed, prototyped in less than 24h.

This early designs had the purpose to test and discover pain points.

Next Steps

With the beta closed the next steps are the analyze the data, improve the UI and take care of the current pain points

Financial control back in your hands

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