Merchant Back Office

The most advanced mass transit management tool.


The merchant back office is the place where the Transit Organization can manage their whole system. From creating products, to transit benefits, to inventory management, the MBO 2.0 is a complete solution to Transit Organizations.

Design decisions were based again on data gathered from the previous version, heat maps and direct client feedback. Since this was an enterprise product, with a very specific group of users, the creation of personas and scenarios was essential.

The Challenge

The merchant backoffice is the backbone of Bytemark System. Is how the transit organizations manage their whole system.

Because of that the design had to be intuitive, transparent, and simple enough for any user to be able to interact in a fast way.

Not only the design had to be simple, it had to be inclusive. Accessibility was a strong point when creating this design. Every user had to be included in the scenarios created, this included users with disabilities.

The first step was to create a Design Language that we could use across multiple types of different mediums.

Design Language Born

As we went forward in this project we understood we needed to create a universal design language that both designers and developers could iterate on.

Wireframes, iterations, possible solutions

The colossal task of re-designing, migrating and improve all the features of our current MBO involved having to sketch multiple solutions, iterations for each different feature, having a UCD approach in first place and working on each feature as an independent module.

A close interaction with engineers, PMs and POs was essential

Simplified Experience

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