A little about me

My name is Pedro Ventura de Oliveira and I'm a Design Leader, with +8 years of experience, currently, a Senior UX Designer at Elsevier.

I've started my professional career back in early 2010, and I've been in multiple positions in multiple companies, from start-ups to large corporations. My journey as a designer has taken me through Lisbon, New York, Edinburgh and now London.

I have been responsible for the user experience of millions of users. I've built design systems for multiple companies, worked on creating a true omni channel experience and designed solutions for all types of platforms, from retail and transportation to finance. I've raised and managed design teams, mentored multiple junior members and had the luck of having amazing mentors.

I've designed multiple design systems when no one still called them design systems. I believe managing and leading are very different and yet required for successfull design leaders.

I love to travel and get to know new cultures. I share my passion for traveling on my personal instagram. I'm an entreprenour and director of my own company group called Be Ventura (BE VENTURA LTD), a group of different online stores.

I believe that well-designed products can improve significantly our everyday tasks.

That is my main motivation behind my design process.